Abe Takes 1st Step in Allowing Japan to Go to War Again

The Japanese government will take steps to exercise its right to so-called collective self-defense, allowing it to attack a third country when an ally is in some way under threat.

The move is at odds with Japan’ pacifist postwar constitution and has alarmed neighbors who recall the country’s wartime aggression.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is widely expected to amend the constitution so Japanese troops can once again operate overseas. Article 9 of the constitution says Japan forever renounces the use of force as a means of settling international disputes, unless the country comes under attack.

Abe added Japan needs to exercise its right to collective self-defense in light of the North Korean missile threat and clashes with China over disputed islands.

Opposition parties and civic groups protested, voicing fears that the move could put the country on a war footing again.

Abe has already started pushing for a Marine force and allowing exports of Japanese-made weapons, citing a growing threat from China.

Full article: Abe Takes 1st Step in Allowing Japan to Go to War Again (The Chosunilbo)

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