Japanese strategist says Obama’s power is waning in Asia

Japanese business strategist Kenichi Ohmae said on April 29 that Taiwan may not benefit much from US president Barack Obama’s rebalancing strategy in the Asia-Pacific as Obama has less than two years left in office, and that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could be a disaster.

Japan, Australia and the Philippines will welcome Obama’s “Asia Pivot” because they need to shore up their defense against China, Ohmae said. He said, however, that for the Obama administration, the real problems are Iran, Ukraine and Russia, adding that Obama’s recent trips to Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Malaysia had not had any substantial effect on the region.

Ohmae also said that the TPP could be a disaster because all of the TPP negotiations between the United States and Japan are confidential. Obama did not sign any agreement with the Japanese government during his trip, making him the first US president to visit Japan without signing any agreement with the Japanese government.

Full article: Japanese strategist says Obama’s power is waning in Asia (Want China Times)

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