Russia Checks U.S. Nuclear Missile Silos Amid Tensions

The current administration continues speeding up national suicide via nuclear weapon reduction, giving the barbarians the keys to the gate:

The standoff over Russia’s incursion in Ukraine has not prevented Moscow from verifying the elimination of 18 U.S. missile sites, the Associated Press reports.

Russian experts visited Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana on April 9 to ensure that each intercontinental ballistic missile firing site had been loaded with soil and crushed rock, and that their entryways could no longer seal shut. Their trip was one of eight annual checks Moscow can conduct at U.S. installations under the New START arms control treaty.

“Overall, we felt the process went smoothly,” said Col. Marne Deranger, vice commander of Malmstrom’s 341st Missile Wing.

Bialczak added that the trip was the first of its type at the base, which hosts one-third of the U.S. land-based strategic missile fleet. The others are located at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota and F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming.

Workers rendered 16 more firing sites at the base inoperable after the April 9 visit, and Russian inspectors may check their elimination in a potential return visit, AP quoted Air Force personnel as saying. The base is expected to eliminate an additional 16 launch platforms previously operated by the 564th Missile Squadron, which disbanded in 2008.

Full article: Russia Checks U.S. Nuclear Missile Silos Amid Tensions (NTI)

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