Caspian sea closed for US military

Within this region, this is likely the final nail in the coffin as far as access for the US is concerned. Russia will now have the area 100% secured and sealed off both economically and militarily, yet more so economically as US military units would likely be sitting ducks in an isolated and hostile region. The Caspian Sea was also one of the main reasons for the pre-planned Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008, as a gas pipeline was being brought from the sea into Georgia and on to Europe to help it diversify away from Russia.

A convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea will keep the sea free from any military facilities except of either Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Iran or Azerbaijan, according to citing Kazakhstan’s KTK Channel.

The accord was reached between foreign ministers of the five Caspian states at talks held in Moscow.

Although the countries have been in dispute over delimitation of the sea bed for the last two decades, the diplomats came up with unanimous decision on alien military presence.

The issue is critical due to the Caspian Sea being a storage of huge oil deposits, being rich with bioresources – the sturgeon initially, and a place of location for navies.

In other words, it is a sweet spot not only for the nations sitting on its shores, but for the ones from the other side of the planet, KTK Channel reports.

Given this, the approaches the Caspian nations demonstrating now differ from each other – one wants it divided equally, the other wants to divide it into sectors of various sizes, another one called it a lake and claims international maritime laws not applicable for the Caspian.

Full article: Caspian sea closed for US military (AK Zhaik)

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