Putin suggests creating unified system of naval bases in Russia’s Arctic

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MOSCOW, April 22, 17:38 /ITAR-TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested creating a unified system of naval bases in Russia’s Arctic.

Speaking at a meeting of the Security Council on Tuesday Putin underscored the need for enhancing the reliability of protection of Russia’s Arctic borders.

“This should be done in various ways, including the reinforcement of the border guard forces’ naval group. Alongside, steps must be taken to enhance military infrastructure. In particular, the point at issue is creation of a unified system of bases for surface ships and new generation submarines in our sector of the Arctic ,” Putin said.

Russia’s Arctic zone up to the year 2020

The president has asked the Russian government to think of how to implement a state programme for the social and economic development of Russia’s Arctic zone up to the year 2020.

“We need to think of how to fill it in with necessary resources sufficient for solving the tasks that we are facing. I would ask the government to start full-fledged financing of the aforesaid programme in 2017,” Putin said.

Putin urged to finalise creation of a modern infrastructure of navigation, communications, technical maintenance and emergency aid along the whole Northern Sea Route.

“One more task about which I have already said several times that we should make shipping companies sail profitably and conveniently under Russian flag so that such vessels in our jurisdiction will make the bulk of shipments in the Arctic,” the president noted.

He noted that Russian oil and gas production facilities, terminals and pipelines in Arctic must be reliably protected from terrorists and other potential threats.

Full article: Putin suggests creating unified system of naval bases in Russia’s Arctic (ITAR-TASS)

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