Is the West Finally Waking up to Reality? Is it Too Late?

When we first started writing this Blog in 2011, few ever considered economic warfare. When we pointed out Vladimir Putin’s threats against the dollar, few paid attention. When we explained the risk of EMP, few cared to listen. When we stated that World War 3 could be around the corner, few understood. But, over the past weeks we have seen a slow recognition of these realities. The unfortunate thing is that this recognition is only beginning. And the threat is escalating quickly.

Here are some of the headlines and excerpts from four critical articles over the past week. The first from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard explains the reality of economic warfare:

US financial showdown with Russia is more dangerous than it looks, for both sides

Cold War 2: Could Economic Warfare Be As Bad As Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Or An EMP Attack?

Here is a fourth article with a similar theme, all within one week:

Will WWIII Be Fought Using “Financial Warfare”? Will The Ukraine Be What Sets It Off?

Now, compare these thoughts to four Op-Eds we wrote BEFORE the Russian invasion that outlined the specific areas of vulnerability only now being recognized, cyber attacks, EMP risks, a stock market crash, the potential for World War 3, and an attack on the U.S. dollar.

Op-Ed in The Blaze, February 20, 2014:

World War III: The Coming Cyber-Financial Attack that will Shock America

World Net Daily, January 9, 2014:


Click on the links and read past the headlines. You will see that well before the world knew of Putin’s plans and our response, we were warning about what was likely to happen. We didn’t know that the trigger would be Ukraine but we were pretty certain something would happen quickly. The series of four Op-Eds published in January and February represent just a small portion of the warnings we have long provided.

Full article: Is the West Finally Waking up to Reality? Is it Too Late? (Global Economic Warfare)

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