World View: Pakistan Asked to Send 30,000 Troops to Saudi Arabia

Is Saudi Arabia possibly getting ready to shield themselves from attack after potentially dropping the US Dollar in oil trading?

There are not too many other explanations as to why the Saudi regime would do this, other than to head off a threat to the leadership. Iran, while not allies with the Saudis, have very little motive for invading. The only real power in the world with the ability or possible need to overthrow the government for regime change would be the United States.

Before the second Iraq war took place, Saddam Hussein threatened to drop the petrodollar. Dropping the Dollar from oil trade would collapse the economy. Not just from one nation alone, but more would likely follow if one could get away with it.

Pakistan asked to send 30,000 troops to Saudi Arabia

Reports out of Pakistan indicate that Saudi Arabia has asked Pakistan to dispatch 30,000 troops to the Kingdom as part of a bilateral defense agreement that’s currently being formulated in a flurry of visits and meetings between defense and military officials from the two countries. Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif said:

“In view of current challenges, there is a need to further strengthen defense cooperation between the two countries and a new era of strategic relationship needs to start.”

The particular “current challenges” facing Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are the rise of Iran, and Iran’s rapprochement with the United States. Both countries fear that Iran will develop nuclear weapons and that, in the end, the West will do nothing to prevent it. Indeed, one of the jobs of the Pakistani troops will be military training for the Saudi army, a function that was formerly performed by American troops.

In 2008, Iran was our bitter enemy, and Saudi Arabia was our close ally. It was in 2008 that I first wrote, based on a Generational Dynamics analysis, that in the coming Clash of Civilizations world war, Iran would be allied with the West, while Saudi Arabia and Pakistan would be allied with China. (See “China ‘betrays’ Iran, as internal problems in both countries mount” from 2008.)

During the last six years, it’s been very interesting to see how Saudi Arabia has moved away from the U.S., while Iran is moving closer to the U.S. The hardline survivors of Iran’s 1979 Great Islamic Revolution have been retiring and dying, leaving behind younger generations that like the West, and have no particular animus against Israel. In Pakistan, on the other hand, the people are increasingly hostile to the United States and to India.

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