Romania and China join hands in better approach to European markets








Romania plans to become the open door of China to Europe, not only through the Constanta Port (eastern Romania, on the Black Sea shore), but also through the development of such investment projects to prove the high technological level reached by the Chinese economy in the past years, Secretary of State for political analysis and the relation with the Parliament, Radu Podgorean, stated during a visit he paid to the People Republic

The Minister of Foreign Affairs (MAE) informed Podgorean that he made all these statements at his meeting with Wang Chao, Deputy Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China, responsible for the relation with Europe.

“I highlighted the sustained political and diplomatic dialogue between the two countries, in the context of the new level reached by the Partnership between Romania and the People Republic of China and of the 65th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic ties,” the official release stated.

Full article: Romania and China join hands in better approach to European markets (The Diplomat Bucharest)

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