The Failure of the American Perspective

World War III may well be underway just as surely as it was on 26 November 1941 when Japanese Admiral Yamamoto set sail for Pearl Harbor two weeks before the formal attack. Then, like now, Americans seemed blissfully unaware that their lives were about to change forever.

Now, it is even worse, as American arrogance assumes we will always be the world’s sole superpower. We tend to look at the world exclusively from our own perspective and that can be very dangerous. A variety of headlines demonstrate this, all of which assume American supremacy. One example, now obvious in hindsight, is when the President’s spokesman Jay Carney warned against buying and actually suggested shorting Russian stocks in light of U.S. sanctions on March 18. From the time of his comments until the end of the month, Russian stocks increased over 6%, far ahead of the U.S. stock market over the same period. Even as the Administration was warning against buying Russian shares, some very successful investors have recommended them.

The common perception is that Russia is finished. There is a belief that the only game to be played is American capitalism where accumulation of American dollars determines the victor. This is a rigged game, of course, as the same elites believe that we can print all the dollars we want without global consequence. It’s sort of like being the banker in Monopoly with an unlimited bank under the assumption that the other players will simply go along. Consider these excerpts from a recent Politico article:

Why Russia No Longer Fears the West

By BEN JUDAH March 02, 2014

The West is blinking in disbelief – Vladimir Putin just invaded Ukraine. German diplomats, French Eurocrats and American pundits are all stunned. Why has Russia chosen to gamble its trillion-dollar ties with the West?

Western leaders are stunned because they haven’t realized Russia’s owners no longer respect Europeans the way they once did after the Cold War. Russia thinks the West is no longer a crusading alliance. Russia thinks the West is now all about the money.

The problem is, what seems “almighty” to us is beginning to look just like slips of paper with IOU’s written on it to most of the rest of the worldWe threaten to cut Russia off from the SWIFT system and they threaten to create an alternative system with China and IndiaWe say no more MasterCard and they decide to create their own plastic payment mechanismWe downgrade Russian debt and they look to retaliate.

We pressure the Ruble and they threaten the dollar. In fact, their threat used an interesting term, one that matches our 2012 bestseller which warned against an economic attack from Russia to crash the dollar. From Voice of Russia:

Russia’s Secret Weapon: crashing the US economy by collapsing the petrodollar

28 March 2014

Russia can collapse the United States, prominent US trader Jim Sinclair believes. The economist, famous for his forecasts, explains that the strength of the dollar is based on the US agreement with Saudi Arabia that all contracts for fuel deliveries be in the US dollars. Now, Moscow can collapse the petrodollar in one moment. The slapping of sanctions on Russia is tantamount to a shot in the foot. The expert explains that the only true value in the world today is the petrodollar. But Russia can collapse it by demanding Euros or Yuan for its oil.

Russia is fully in control of the petrodollar and could cause the Dow Jones industrial average to plummet as it has never done before. One can wave the Stars and Stripes as long as one likes, but it’s a fact that the Russians can turn the US economy upside down . . .

Don’t be fooled. The Russians have been planning this confrontation for several years, stockpiling gold and making alliances. They have recently strengthened alliances with ChinaIndia, and even EgyptThe Russians are forging huge deals, almost unprecedented and designed as a threat to the Western system. They are playing to win.

Even a recent “admission” by former treasury Secretary Paulson to the BBC documents what we have long said. The Russians have been agitating other nations, including China, to move against the U.S. They even attempted to crash our system in 2008 at the height of the financial crisis.

Full article: The Failure of the American Perspective (Global Economic Warfare)

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