U.S. suggests Israel form new alliances in changing Mideast

JERUSALEM — The United States has envisioned new power alignments in the Middle East that could include Israel cooperating more closely with the Gulf Arab states.

Officials said such factors as the Arab Spring, the threat from Iran and the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood have opened opportunities throughout the Middle East.

“What I’m suggesting [is] the possibility of new and different alliances in the region in response to this instability,” U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said.

One U.S. scenario was an Israeli alliance with the GCC. Dempsey pointed to the shared interests by both sides to stop Iran’s threat as well as the expansion of Al Qaida.

“What we discussed was the possibility that there were opportunities that would present themselves because of the instability around them that could create a different web of alliances than existed before,” Dempsey said.

Officials said Dempsey was discussing military cooperation and security arrangements that would advance U.S. plans for a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Jerusalem. They said Dempsey was supporting the visit of Secretary of State John Kerry, who arrived in Israel on March 31 and twice met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before he left the following day.

Full article: U.S. suggests Israel form new alliances in changing Mideast (World Tribune)

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