Senators Pledge US Support In Case of Iran Strike

An American congressional delegation visited Israel this week after a stop in UkraineArutz Sheva got a chance to speak with the senior American politicians to discuss relations between Israel and the US.

US Senators Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Joe Donnelly (D-IN), both members of the Armed Services Committee, and Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-MA) reinforced the strong connection between America and the Jewish state, particularly in context of the Iranian nuclear threat.

“If we get to that position, which none of us hope we have to be, that we would have to use force to stop Iran’s nuclear program, I believe that the United States should support Israel…to do so,” stated Ayotte.

Ayotte at the same timed stressed the role of sanctions, noting that any real agreement with Iran must fully dismantle the Islamic regime’s nuclear program, because “we’re all skeptical” of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s “charm offensive.”

Meanwhile Donnelly assessed that the chances of Israel conducting a lone strike on Iran’s nuclear program are “not likely,” saying that while Israel has the right to act alone, “there’s a commitment and binding care” to act together with the US.

Full article: Senators Pledge US Support In Case of Iran Strike (Arutz Sheva 7)

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