DF-21D missile could sink US aircraft carrier: report

The People’s Liberation Army Navy’s DF-21D anti-ship missile has a range of 2,000 kilometers and has the capability to sink a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, according to the Hindu, an English-language Indian newspaper on Mar. 5, citing a recently published report.

The report released by the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore states that China’s Beidou satellite navigation system will help increase the accuracy of the country’s missiles greatly. The report, written by various experts in India, concluded that the existence of the DF-21D has shaken the traditional view of the US Navy’s unassailable superiority in the Asia Pacific region. The anti-ship ballistic missile is likely to serve as a credible deterrent against American intervention in China’s maritime disputes, of which it has several with its Asian neighbors, the report said.

The DF-21D is designed based on itercontinental ballistic missiles and carries manoeuvrable warheads with conventional munitions which can target aircraft carriers at a distance of about 2,000 kilometers, according to the report. The idea of hitting a moving aircraft carrier with a ballistic missile had been unheard of, said S Chandrashekar, one of the authors of the report, adding that the Chinese have come up with a very innovative system based on well-understood components.

Full article: DF-21D missile could sink US aircraft carrier: report (Want China Times)

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