China says military will respond to provocations

Legislative spokeswoman Fu Ying said China supports resolving disputes through negotiations and its 2.3 million-member People’s Liberation Army — the world’s largest — is for defensive purposes only.

However, Fu warned other nations not to test China’s resolve.

“But if some countries wish to provoke or wish to damage … regional peace and the regional order, then we must make a response, and an effective response at that,” Fu told a wide-ranging news conference on the eve of the legislature’s annual session.

“The point of this response, is to, on the one hand, maintain China’s territory and sovereignty, and on the other hand to maintain the regional order and peace,” Fu said.

Other countries should take China’s sovereignty claims seriously if they truly care about regional peace and security, she said, singling out the United States by name.

Full article: China says military will respond to provocations (Air Force Times)

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