BBC makes report about Nazi militants in Kiev

The support given to Neo Nazi militants by the West isn’t a myth. It’s only now becoming mainstream knowledge. Just as other terrorist groups were previously (or still are) supported, such as al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s important to know that any of these will be used as a means to an end. Just as ‘allies’ are thought to be allies in a traditional sense, they too, are only strategic interests and not really allies in today’s world. Any two countries can be seperated or have a rift formed between them no matter the bond.

The British Broadcasting Corporation – BBC – said the radical association The Right Sector was the organizer of the most vehement protest rallies in Ukraine. On Saturday, March 1st, it posted a video report from the center of Kiev, where the streets are being patrolled by the militants in the military uniform with the SS symbols, on its website.

According to the BBC correspondent, thousands of students and workers took to the streets in the Ukrainian capital Kiev with a demand for reforms. However militants of the ultra-right organization, The Right Sector, who wear clothes with Nazi symbols without any fear today and like to pose with the arms in their hands near the government buildings, were spotted among the ordinary people.

The BBC report has managed to interview one of the activists who said that the he liked the ideology of national-socialism but that it did not serve as a basis for the ideology of The Right Sector.

“It’s my ideology,” the extremist said. “Let all those who like Russia go to Russia . And Ukraine is only for the Ukrainians,” he added.

Quite a few mercenaries from the United States, Germany, Turkey, Poland and other countries formed part of the Euromaidan activists and militants, said one such activist, arrested by Russian border-guards in Russia’s Bryansk Region, who said his name is Vladislav.

He said in an interview with the Russia-24 TV channel on Sunday that the foreigners in question had come to Kiev’s Independence Square wearing military uniform, some were even armed.

“They came in wearing similar military uniforms. I often saw them scheming with captains of self-defense groups and signing some papers. I can even tell you their approximate numbers. There was about 60 Americans. Germans totalled some 30, 40 or 50 men. There were also Poles, Turks and many others,” the arrested man said.

He added that Right-Sector militants are now busy looting homes and apartments of disgraced politicians. Some are said to be looking for property ownership certificates, selling abandoned cars and seizing estates that belonged to the deposed Party of Regions’ lawmakers. Vladislav also said that looting militants were going to spend the cash on black-market firearms.

Meanwhile, Maidan mercenaries are getting more and more out of hand, with some of them uploading videos to YouTube where they threaten the current Turchynov regime with violence. In one of such infamous video tapes, a Chechen-mercenary-turned-Maidan-activist Alexander Musychko, also known as Sasha Bilyi, has vowed revenge on Ukraine’s acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

Full article: BBC makes report about Nazi militants in Kiev (The Voice of Russia)

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