‘Our Death Toll Would Be Staggering’: Judge Jeanine on Power Grid Threats

The following is the transcript of Judge Jeanine Pirro’s opening statement regarding threats to our nation’s power grid.

Welcome to a special edition of Justice – I’m Judge Jeanine Pirro.  Tonight – an hour long investigation into the dangers facing the U.S. power grid. What would it take to bring it down?  And if our system did break down – how would you survive?  And what would it be like in the dark?

Last month – i [sic] went to a meeting in Manhattan in the freezing cold.  But when I came out of that meeting, I was frozen – not from the bitter temperatures – but from fear.

I learned things that *no one* is talking about…  Things that can change my life, your life, and the lives of everyone you know… forever.

I started thinking about how fragile life is – and how ill-prepared we are for this.

Tonight – in an exclusive Justice investigation – the vulnerability of America’s power system – the United States’ electric grid.  Are we ready for a terror attack – and what would we do if the lights go out?

And the consequences would be a million times worse than 9/11.  One day you’re enjoying the comforts of life… The next – everything is different.  Civilization as you know it would be gone.

An electromagnetic pulse would destroy all electronics, and the transformers that power *everything”… *anything* with an on/off switch. Your hot water heater.  Your refrigerator.  Your dialysis machine.  Hospitals are closed.  Grocery shelves are empty – most of the food you have at home is spoiled.

And forget about your bank accounts.  What you have in your pocket is all you can access.

A blue ribbon commission predicting mass fatalities, horrific loss of life…  Some say 9 out of 10 Americans would die.

This is not science fiction – it’s *real*.

Tonight – we’ll tell you about the ways this could happen:
A solar flare.
An electromagnetic pulse.
A nuclear device.
Cyber attack.
Or a simple physical assault – all of which would break down our society as we know it.

The threat can also be from the sea.

Fact: Six month ago, two full up nuclear capable missiles on their launchers were discovered in Panama on a North Korean flagged vessel hidden under sugar bags.

Reports are that our grid has already been penetrated by our enemies leaving behind software programs that can compromise it.

Fact: Ten months ago, unknown attackers attempted to blow up a San Jose transformer substation in a military style raid.

No one has been apprehended.  The FBI and local police call it vandalism.  As if Billy Bob and Bubba – after a few beers – get their hands on AK-47s and surgically knock out 17 transformers and 16 circuit breakers *after* cutting underground fiber optic cables and outsmarting security cameras and motion sensors.

These terrorists are still out there.

Even if *no one* attacks our grid – the sun will.

The earth is exposed to intense solar flaring roughly every 150 years.  The last time it occurred was 1859.  Do the math – we’re due.

I’m not saying this to panic anyone – but *everyone* – including our enemies, know that an artificially created electromagnetic pulse will shut down all power… which risks our survival.

Full article: ‘Our Death Toll Would Be Staggering’: Judge Jeanine on Power Grid Threats (Fox News Insider)

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    I believe a Reset would do us good. If an EMP event were to take place, hospitals and medical facilities would obtain generators and necessary equipment from around the world and would sustain their business. Everyone else, after one month, in my case one minute, would adjust just fine and de-stress almost immediately. An EMP would result in an enormous urgency for manpower on every level. Manual banking. Manual traffic light direction. Manual petroleum pumping until new motors are obtained. I remember how to set breaker points and magnetos.