Russia creates Arctic military district

The military build-up in the Arctic is underway.

In 2014 Russia will create a new military structure, which will be called the Northern Fleet – United Strategic Command (NF-USC). General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces informed that the mission of the new unit would be the protection of Russian national interests in the Arctic.

The active work in this direction started last year, after President Putin’s televised appeal to the Minister of Defense “to pay special attention to deploying infrastructure and military units in the Arctic.

Next year, we have to complete the formation of new large units and military divisions there,” said then Mr. Putin. To which Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu replied that “There are plans to create a group of troops and forces to ensure military security and protection of the Russian Federation’s national interests in the Arctic in 2014“. The Minister confirmed that rebuilding of airfields and other military infrastructure for the new group in the northern regions has already started.

The NF-USC will be created on the basis of the Northern Fleet. The new structure will have the status of the military district, although this fact isn’t shown in its name. Thus, officially the number of military districts in Russia will not change, though there will be added a new powerful military structure. Now in Russia there are four military districts: Western, Southern, Central, and Eastern.

Full article: Russia creates Arctic military district (BarentsNova)

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