Germany is ‘planning to step up counter-espionage’: report

Germany is planning to possibly resume counter-espionage measures against several Western allies, according to a report in the news magazine Spiegel. The report said British and US embassies could be targeted.

Germany is debating plans to expand its counter-espionage personnel and conduct “foundational monitoring” of the embassies of such nations as the United States and Britain, Spiegel said in its report on Sunday.

The operations would include the tracking of US agents operating under diplomatic cover on German soil, the report said.

The alleged plans come in the wake of revelations since June that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had carried out massive electronic surveillance in Germany, including monitoring a non-government mobile phone used by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The head of the German domestic intelligence service, the BfV (headquarters shown above), Hans-Georg Maassen, had already suggested last year that Germany might be considering enlarging its counter-espionage operations in light of the revelations.

The magazine said Germany’s other main counter-espionage agency, the joint armed forces intelligence service MAD, was also reviewing whether it, too, should subject allies’ intelligence operations to increased scrutiny.

Full article: Germany is ‘planning to step up counter-espionage’: report (Deutsche Welle)

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