Celente – No Way Out As Global Ponzi Scheme Collapse Begins

Today the man who remarkably predicted months ahead of time that the Fed would taper in December, then again in January, and who also predicted the global market plunge that we are now seeing, warned KWN that there is no way out this time for central planners as the global Ponzi scheme has now begun to collapse.  He also discussed the incredible turmoil taking place around the world.  Below is what Gerald Celente, founder of Trends Research and the man considered to be the top trends forecaster in the world, had to say in this remarkable interview.

Eric King:  “Gerald, so far this chaos is unfolding exactly as you said it would with the market turmoil around the world.  Some of the market participants are becoming a bit shocked at what’s unfolding here, but you called it to perfection.  My question to you is, where do we go from here?”

Celente:  “Global markets are headed down, but it may not be in a straight line because you are going to start seeing the Fed, (Washington) D.C., and the Wall Street gang move in to stop the slide in global equities.

“Look at what’s going on around the world:  The Asian markets keep tumbling, and the European markets are also continuing to tank.  Look at what’s happening in the emerging markets:  As I said to you last week, ‘These countries are raising interest rates in order to protect their currencies as their economies are declining.  Brilliant.  That’s the exact opposite strategy for growth.’

So the handwriting is on the wall now, but it’s going to try to be erased by outright lies from the Federal Reserve, its members, and it’s Orwellian propaganda machine — the mainstream media.  Washington will also play a part in the lies and propaganda, along with Wall Street gang.

If you tune in to the major business networks they are dragging out every possible Wall Street shill that they can to spew the great lie that ‘This is a buying opportunity.’  Then these shills start spouting out half-truths and outright lies to keep promoting the Ponzi scheme.

I want to be perfectly clear about this:  There is no way out.  And as this starts to really being to unravel, and it will, just like I have predicted — the Fed will come up with a new scheme to increase the amount of money they are dumping into the system.  But this is the important point for KWN readers around the world:  This new scheme by the Fed is not going to work.

Full article: Celente – No Way Out As Global Ponzi Scheme Collapse Begins (King World News)

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