Gauck opens Munich Security Conference with call for more German engagement

…and now begins the process of slowly warming the public up to a stronger and more involved German military. The Fourth Reich under the United States of Europe is coming.

Gauck calls on Germany to play more decisive role in resolving international conflicts

In his speech, to open the 50th edition of the Munich Security Conference, President Gauck called on Germany to shake off its sense of guilt stemming from World War II and to take more responsibility in shaping international affairs.

“Let us thus not turn a blind eye, not run from threats, but instead stand firm, not forget, neglect or betray universal values, but instead uphold these values together with our friends and partners,” Gauck said.

“Germany will never support any purely military solution, but will approach issues with political judiciousness and explore all possible diplomatic options. However, when the last resort – sending in the Bundeswehr – comes to be discussed, Germany should not say ‘no’ on principle,” Gauck said. “Nor should it say ‘yes’ unthinkingly.”

Conflict prevention

The president also called on Germany to take a more active role in conflict prevention, saying it “should make a more substantial contribution, and it should make it earlier and more decisively if it is to be a good partner.”

The president warned that “brutal regimes must not be allowed to hide behind the principles of state sovereignty and non-intervention.”

“Germany and its allies should not deny help to others when human rights violations in genocide, war crimes and ethnic cleansing, or crimes against humanity are taking place,” Gauck said in the speech, which was also posted on his website.

“To sit and wait is not an option. If we have means, if we have capabilities, we have the obligation and we have the responsibility to engage,” she told the conference. “If we Europeans want to remain a credible actor in security policy, we must plan and act together.”

Full article: Gauck opens Munich Security Conference with call for more German engagement (Deutsche Welle)

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