Former U.S. Embassy in Iran: mistrust endures where hostages held

(CNN) — Nearly 35 years ago, Iranian revolutionaries stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran and began a painful chapter for America as the “Great Satan.”

Today, the building where anti-Americanism raged and captives were held for 444 days is now an Islamic cultural center and a propaganda museum of sorts for the Islamic Revolution.

Upon entering, the counter area where U.S. Marine guards had been posted when the embassy was seized is intact, as is the colorful tile work on some of the walls.

While many Iranians have grown disillusioned with the Islamic revolution, anti-American anger endures.

“Do you still believe it was justified to hold the Americans as hostages?” the guide is asked.

“Definitely, yes.” he says. “Based on international law the U.S. embassy should function as the embassy and not interfere in internal affairs. It’s like somebody is snooping around your house. What would you do?”

Revolutionary propaganda is everywhere. Bright red murals cover the main stairway walls leading to the second floor.

The paintings tell a familiar Middle Eastern conspiracy theory claiming the United States was behind the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Full article: Former U.S. Embassy in Iran: mistrust endures where hostages held (CNN)

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