Study Says U.S. Intelligence Agencies Not Equipped To Detect Foreign Nuclear Efforts

As was mentioned [(See here, and here (search engine yields more examples)] a few times, the un-intelligence communities are seemingly always 20 steps behind, which makes one question which is more alarming: An Iran with nuclear weapons, or a useless intelligence community?

WASHINGTON, Jan 25 (Bernama) — A three-year study by the Pentagon has concluded that American intelligence agencies are not yet organised or fully equipped to detect when foreign countries are developing nuclear weapons or ramping up their existing arsenals.

In a 100-page report by the Defense Science Board, the study said the agencies’ detection abilities, including finding “undeclared facilities and/or covert operations”, are “either inadequate, or more often, do not exist.”

It confirmed what many outside experts have learned anecdotally: While the most famous intelligence failure in the past decade involving nuclear weapons occurred in Iraq, where the Central Intelligence Agency and others saw a programme that did not exist, the bigger concern may be that major nuclear programmes were entirely missed.

The Defense Science Board came to a similar conclusion.

It said that in the future, satellite photographs and other reconnaissance will most likely be of limited use, and suggested that many of the cyber and big data programmes developed by the NSA be used to detect proliferation, a bet that the U.S. would be more likely to pick up evidence of scientists and engineers talking, emailing or searching for nuclear-related technologies than it would be to see a weapons facility being built.

The report did not name any specific countries that are under American surveillance because of their current or suspected weapons programmes.

Full article: Study Says U.S. Intelligence Agencies Not Equipped To Detect Foreign Nuclear Efforts (Bernama)

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