Japan tells world to stand up to China or face consequences

As mentioned here several times, in the future look for Asia to be united as a regional bloc. Abe’s statement confirms it could very well be heading that way. Both Japan and China will likely have escalated tensions (and possibly a few skirmishes) until Japan realizes that the United States, which is rotting and deteriorating from within, will no longer have capability or the will to back Japan in future conflicts. So, instead of risking all-out war between the two nations, both will come to a mutual understanding and forge solid ties. When these two have united, expect the rest of Asia to follow suit.

Davos (Switzerland) (AFP) – Japan on Wednesday told the world it must stand up to an increasingly assertive China or risk a regional conflict with catastrophic economic consequences.

In a landmark speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued what amounted to an appeal for international support in a potentially explosive dispute with its superpower neighbour over islands in the East China Sea.

“We must restrain military expansion in Asia … which otherwise could go unchecked,” Abe told the annual meeting of global business and political leaders, which Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is due to attend on Friday.

“If peace and stability were shaken in Asia, the knock-on effect for the entire world would be enormous,” Abe added.

“The dividend of growth in Asia must not be wasted on military expansion.”

Although Abe did not explicitly mention China, his speech had been flagged up in advance by Japanese officials as an alarm call to an influential audience over what Tokyo sees as bullying by Beijing.

Describing Asia as a region of limitless potential and the engine driving world economic growth, Abe urged China to join a revitalised Japan in creating systems to prevent disputes from destroying their mutual prosperity.

“Trust, not tension, is crucial for peace and prosperity in Asia, and in the rest of the world,” he said. “This can only be achieved through dialogue and the rule of law, and not through force or coercion.”

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