China plans world’s biggest marine surveillance ship

China wants to build the world’s biggest marine surveillance ship with a full displacement of 10,000 tonnes, state media has reported.

If the giant ship is built, China will surpass Japan to possess the world’s largest marine vessel.

The contract would include a 10,000-tonne patrol ship and a 4,000-tonne marine surveillance vessel, according to reports. But there was no detail on whether the new giant vessel would be equipped with remote weapon systems similar to Japan Coast Guard’s “Shikishima” (PLH 31), which is currently the largest patrol vessel in the world.

The largest model of “Shikishima” has about 7,175 tonnes of full displacement, while China’s existing biggest patrol vessel “Haijian 50” has 4,000 tonnes.

Early reports posted on the website of CSSC said the 704 research institution had spent more than a year researching and developing a new 10,000-tonne vessel, with the experimental simulation of the building of a clutch rack for the giant ship completed recently.

Beijing announced that it has 27 patrol ships with at least 1,000 tonnes patrolling disputed waters in the East and South China seas, with some being equipped with light weapons and helicopters. Another 36 big vessels have been under construction since 2012, according to an early Xinhua report.

Full article: China plans world’s biggest marine surveillance ship (South China Morning Post)

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