PLA’s hypersonic vehicle could be used against US: expert

The new hypersonic glide vehicle of the People’s Liberation Army — dubbed the WU-14 — is designed to strike large military targets including US aircraft carriers around the globe, according to state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV), citing Chinese military expert Chen Hu.

Officials from the Pentagon stated that China had tested an ultra-high speed missile vehicle designed with cutting edge military technology in an unknown region of the country on Jan. 9. Following the report, the Chinese defense ministry officially confirmed its test of the WU-14 on Jan. 15.

Chen said that the new advanced weapon system is designed mainly to extend the range of the country’s missile strike capability against potential enemy targets. Meanwhile, Pentagon officials told the Washington Freedom Beacon that “the hypersonic craft appears designed to be launched atop of intercontinental ballistic missiles, and then glides and maneuvers at speeds of up to 10 times the speed of sound from near space en route to its target.”

Full article: PLA’s hypersonic vehicle could be used against US: expert (Want China Times)

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