Dep. Defense Min. Hints at Israeli Strike on Iran

The Deputy Defense Minister, MK Danny Danon (Likud-Beytenu), has penned an article in the US-based Politico website that appears to be a warning about an Israeli intention to strike Iran’s nuclear weapon facilities.

The relatively short, 400-word article, refers to two previous cases in which Israel struck Islamic nuclear sites without US approval.

In 1981, writes Danon, “when Prime Minister Menachem Begin warned the Reagan administration that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was developing military nuclear capabilities, the Americans failed to act. Faced with the prospect of a nuclear-armed enemy Israel was compelled to take matters into its own hands.”

“Over the next few months, the negotiations with the Iranians and the Palestinians will reach the crucial stages when difficult decisions will need to be made by all those involved,” Danon explains. “It is safe to assume that areas of contention will arise between us and our American allies. I am confident that both sides will work hard to ensure that whatever differences we may have on specific policy questions, we will not let these distractions impede upon our unwavering alliance.”

Against the context of the prior allusions to the attacks on nuclear sites in Iraq and Syria, this appears to be a rather broad hint that Israel may, in the next few months, embark on a similar attack on Iran’s nuclear sites. The choice of Politico as the venue for the article may be a way of ensuring that the message reaches all US lawmakers, who will not be able to say afterward that they had not been forewarned of Israel’s intentions regarding the Iranian nuclear program.

Full article: Dep. Defense Min. Hints at Israeli Strike on Iran (Arutz Sheva 7)

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