PACOM chief: Uncontested U.S. control of Pacific is ending

The worst thing any military could do is perform joint exercises with a military whose main goal is to defeat you in conflict. They will participate in it for learning the war fighting tactics of enemies, not ‘stronger ties’. Espionage under the guise of stronger ties is only a means to an end.

The four-star commander of U.S. Pacific Command says the era when the U.S. military enjoys uncontested control over the Pacific’s blue water and its airspace is coming to an end.

Adm. Sam Locklear told a Navy conference in Virginia that the rise of China is a key factor that is putting at risk U.S. Navy ships and service members in the Pacific.

“Our historic dominance that most of us in this room have enjoyed is diminishing, no question,” Locklear said at the Surface Navy Association’s annual meeting near the Pentagon.

“To be honest with you, the lack of urgency on the development next-generation, surface-launch, over the horizon cruise missile is troubling,” Locklear said. “As the PACOM commander, I need you to be thinking in the offensive: How are you going to show up? How are you going to be dominant? How are you going to be lethal?”

“China is going to rise, we all know that. [But] how are they behaving? That is really the question,” Locklear said. “The PACOM goal is for China to be a net provider of security, not a net user of security.”

The Pentagon also acknowledged that the Chinese tested a hypersonic strike vehicle that could penetrate the current U.S. missile defense system.

Locklear noted that the Chinese will for the first time this year join the annual naval exercise with the U.S. and its Pacific allies, an important step in developing stronger ties with the Chinese navy.

Full article: PACOM chief: Uncontested U.S. control of Pacific is ending (Marine Corps Times)

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