Beijing strengthens police powers in South China Sea

At this moment, it’s only a matter of time before the Western powers get pushed out, mainly the United States. As the United States becomes more unreliable to their regional partners, expect countries such as Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, etc… to form their own alliance or eventually become enveloped in a regional Asian bloc with China at the helm, as the pressure to join China would be more alluring than going to war against China, with limited or no support from the USA.

The Chinese government has announced that it is strengthening the implementation of police powers in the South China Sea, demanding that all foreign fishermen acquire approval from its authorities prior to operating in regions “belonging to China,” reports our Chinese-language sister paper Want Daily.

China lays claim to 2 million square kilometers, or nearly two-thirds, of the South China Sea, including an area that includes island groups claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam.

Philippines foreign affairs spokesperson Raul Hernandez said on Wednesday that the country’s diplomats were seeking more information on the new South China Sea rules. There has not yet been an official response from Vietnam, while the United States continues to assert neutrality in South China Sea territorial disputes.

The Associated Press said China’s announcement prompts concerns that Chinese president Xi Jinping’s push to assert his country’s role as a regional power could spark a confrontation with neighbors.

“These sort of assertions of sovereignty, or territorial claims, will continue,” said Joseph Cheng, a Hong Kong politics expert from the City University of Hong Kong, in an interview with the Associated Press, adding, “Xi believes he can’t afford to be seen as soft.”

Full article: Beijing strengthens police powers in South China Sea (Want China Times)

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