International Atomic Energy Agency Signed Confidentiality Agreement With Japan To Conceal Fukushima Radiation Information From Public

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been caught agreeing in writing to conceal information from the world about the extent of danger, damage and health effects at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster in Japan.  Turner Radio Network has obtained official copies of the agreements signed by the IAEA and the Fukui Prefectural Government as well as between the IAEA and Fukushima Medical University.  We have the agreements, now YOU have them too!

In an astonishing development in the ongoing disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, TRN has obtained official copies of agreements between the International Atomic Energy Agency and official entities in Japan, wherein the parties agree to conceal information from the public about the degree of damage, danger(s) and health effects on humans of the largest nuclear disaster in human history.

The first such agreement is signed on behalf of the Fukui Prefectural Government by Mr. Hiroyuki. Aratake, Director-General, Living and Environment Department. It is counter-signed on behalf of the IAEA by Mr. Denis Flory,  Deputy Director General,  Head of the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security.  This document lays out the reason for its existence and the scope of cooperation between the IAEA and Japan. Specifically, the document states:

2. Scope of Cooperation

The Parties have identified the following areas and activities in which cooperation may be pursued:

· Research and study on radiation monitoring including application of environmental mapping technology by using unmanned aerial vehicles and the IAEA’s assistance in the use of radiation monitoring data to develop maps to be made available to the public;

· Research and study on off-site decontamination including the IAEA’s assistance in analyses of results of environmental monitoring and exploration of exposure pathways in order to reduce or avoid exposure; and

· Research and study on the management of radioactive waste including IAEA’s assistance in the study on management methods of low level radioactive waste from the above-referenced decontamination activities.

The above-referenced cooperation is designed to complement existing Japanese activities and to provide immediate assistance and support which will be of direct benefit to those living in Fukushima Prefecture.

While the item above sounds perfectly reasonable, Part 8 of the agreement seems to take a complete U-turn to conceal information from the public.  Specifically, Part 8 of the agreement reads as follows:

8. Dissemination of Information

The Parties will support the widest possible dissemination of unclassified information provided or exchanged under these Practical Arrangements and, as appropriate and if circumstances so require, any subsequent separate arrangements including agreements referred to in Paragraph 5, subject to the need to protect proprietary
information. The Parties will ensure the confidentiality of information classified by the other Party as restricted or confidential.
(Emphasis added)

According to the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper if either the prefectures or IAEA decide to classify information because “they contribute to worsening of the residents’ anxiety,” there is a possibility that such information as the accident information, as well as radiation measurement data and thyroid cancer information may not be publicized.

In short, if the IAEA doesn’t want Japan telling something to the public, the IAEA can simply declare that information “restricted” and vice-versa!

Both the Fukui Prefectural Government and the IAEA are paid for – in one form or another – by TAX dollars; these entities exist to serve the public.  How do they justify agreeing in writing to conceal information from the very public who makes their existence possible?  Download the PDF of the Prefectural Goverment / IAEA agreement HERE

Full article: International Atomic Energy Agency Signed Confidentiality Agreement With Japan To Conceal Fukushima Radiation Information From Public (Turner Radio Network)

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