Russia to test modernized anti-submarine aircraft

MOSCOW, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) — Russia’s Northern Fleet will test a modernized anti-submarine aircraft, the Il-38N, which could be used in the Arctic region, a military official said Sunday.

“The plane has been enhanced with new generation detachable hydroacoustic and magnetic beacons that surpass their Western counterparts in a range of ways,” the RIA Novosti news agency quoted the fleet’s spokesman, Vadim Serga, as saying.

He added that the plane, equipped with the Novella sensor system that can detect targets from up to 320 km away, can act as a maritime patrol aircraft capable of performing electronic reconnaissance.

On Friday, Serga said the Northern Fleet would expand its air patrol ranges in the Arctic region in 2014 and use the network of a revamped Soviet-era airfield, the Temp airfield, on the New Siberian Islands.

Full article: Russia to test modernized anti-submarine aircraft (Xinhua)

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