Arab spring yields to Muslim winter

In France, more than 1000 cars were torched across the country on New Year’s Eve. It has become a tradition. As usual, the French media omitted to say most of the damage is done by young disaffected Muslim men and has become a form of protest.

In Iraq, the government has lost control of the city of Fallujah to the fundamentalist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, giving Islamists open control of a city for the first time since the US-led invasion in 2003. On Christmas Day, car bombs exploded outside three churches, killing 26 people and maiming 38, part of a campaign to remove Iraq’s rapidly decreasing Chaldean Christian population.

In Lebanon, a car bomb exploded in Beirut on Friday, killing or wounding dozens. The blast occurred outside offices of Hezbollah, the Islamic party embroiled in the civil war in Syria and committed to war with Israel.

In Egypt, violence continues as the military tightens its suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood. Fire-bombings of Coptic churches by Muslim extremists remain ongoing.

In Libya, a power vacuum exists in the capital and armed militias have divided control of the country.

In the Central African Republic, almost a million people have been displaced since the government was overthrown by Muslim rebels engaged in systemic violence against the Christian majority. Civil war has broken out.

In Iran, the government continues to move towards acquiring nuclear capacity and uses Hezbollah as a proxy for violence. Hezbollah is believed to have smuggled advanced guided-missile systems from Syria into Lebanon for use against Israel.

Collectively, these events – all recent – tell us something we don’t want to hear.

”We have entered a new era of chaos, the Arab Spring has given way to the Muslim winter,” Israel’s Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said during a recent visit to Sydney. ”The Arab world has never been more unstable. The Muslim winter is here to stay.”

Last Wednesday, the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic was killed when a bomb blew up in a safe he was opening in the embassy. Czech police confirmed a cache of illegal heavy firearms was also found at the embassy. Last month, a military court in Gaza, controlled by Hamas, sentenced a man to hang for collaborating with Israeli authorities. It was the third such death sentence in the past year.

What does all this mean? The peace process is a facade.

Full article: Arab spring yields to Muslim winter (Sidney Morning Herald)

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