Israel prepares for short, intense war to deliver ‘knock-out blow’ to Hizbullah

TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has been preparing for a brief and decisive war against Hizbullah, a report said.

The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies asserted that Israel’s military has invested heavily in new capabilities to ensure a brief war against Hizbullah in Lebanon.

“The Israel Defense Forces has prepared for a combined air and large-scale ground operation, driven by new intelligence and precision-firepower capabilities, to deliver a knock-out blow and eliminate Hizbullah as a fighting force for years to come,” the report, titled “Israel vs. the Iran-Hizbullah Axis,” said.

The report, released before the latest attacks from Lebanon, said both Israel and Hizbullah were engaged in a long-term military buildup. Lappin, a defense reporter for the Jerusalem Post, said the buildup was meant to prepare for an imminent war that could include massive Hizbullah missile and rocket strikes on the Jewish state.

Hizbullah, aided by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, was said to have accumulated an arsenal of more than 80,000 missiles and rockets. Lappin said the arsenal as well as Hizbullah capabilities were growing despite its intervention in the civil war in Syria. Israel and Hizbullah fought an inconclusive 34-day war in 2006.

With one out of every 10 homes in Lebanon used as a rocket launcher or weapons storage depot, Hizbullah and Iran have hidden the core of their firepower in the midst of the Lebanese civilian population, endangering its safety in a future war,” the report said.

Full article: Israel prepares for short, intense war to deliver ‘knock-out blow’ to Hizbullah (World Tribune)

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