US softens on Chinese ADIZ after South China Sea incident: Duowei

To answer a question from a previous post: No, China is not afraid of the United States — and this subtle act of capitulation is one such example as to why. China is slowly taking over Asia at America’s expense.

Washington’s reaction to the ADIZ announcement last month was initially strong, with sternly worded statements from US Secretary of State John Kerry and US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, as well as the dispatch of US B-52 bombers into the new zone.

Since arriving in Beijing, however, Biden did not call for the dissolution of the zone but rather suggested “crisis management mechanisms and effective channels of communication.” Hagel, on the other hand, stated that the US position is not that the Chinese zone itself is “new or unique,” while US general Martin Dempsey went further, stating that the declaration of the zone itself was not “destabilizing.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Biden was not critical of the zone during his private discussion with President Xi Jinping, and instead focused on defining the “rules of engagement” between China and other countries in the region to “prevent a calamity.” The US vice president was said to be apparently content to achieve “an understanding that the zone won’t be policed in ways that threaten the region or endanger the lives of pilots or passengers.”

Full article: US softens on Chinese ADIZ after South China Sea incident: Duowei (Want China Times)

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