Germany’s Bundeswehr established drills against invasions and popular uprising

Much like China, Germany is becoming more stealthy with what they do inland. The original article was in German and is roughly translated via Google Translate.

Completely unnoticed by the public, the Bundeswehr was rehearsing in a large maneuver the invasion of a foreign state and the use of a popular uprising against the Special Forces “Crowd Riot Control” (CRC).

In large-scale maneuvers , the Bundeswehr rehearsed the invasion of a foreign country and use against a popular uprising. A total of 3,500 soldiers and 700 land and air vehicles participated in the so-called “training exercise information” part. An Air Force officer praised the exercise because of their practicality in the words: “You develop a better understanding if you feel the matter, when you see them, you have to smell the gunpowder and hear the noise.”

The scenario underlying the maneuver called for the invasion of German troops in the fictional state “Obsidia” – with the aim of combating insurgents active there. The United maneuvers took place from 30 September to 10 October held at the training grounds and mountains Munster. There specifically a German town has been built to make the use as realistic as possible.

Crowd Riot Control

The United maneuvers also involved in the fight against insurgents in urban areas.This practiced the special unit “Crowd Riot Control” (CRC). The Bundeswehr praises the CRC in a practice report with the following words:

Original report Bundeswehr

Crowds under control

An angry man with a lot of banners and loud chants approaches the visitors. In lockstep to Feldjäger place like a green wall between demonstrators and bystanders and prevent attacks. The Crowd Riot Control (CRC) forces are equipped with shield, batons and protective suit. Here are a Accesses Rupp and a dog handler with service dog.Enforcement ability of the military police forces is significantly increased by the water cannon yak. By the firm and consistent approach by all forces and this situation is under control quickly.

Strong and powerful fire fighting

It is louder and visitors will guess what is coming. A Geschützzug with howitzers in 2000 is close in position. This can engage targets up to a distance of 40 kilometers effectively. This firepower is supplemented by the Medium Artillery Rocket System MARS 2 with a range of up to 80 kilometers. According to the relevant fire artillery preparation, are now entering the tank troops with their battle tanks Leopard 2A6 and the Marder 1A3 on – professional, strong and fire huge.


For warfare in the “urban environment”, according to army included the house fighting, which took place in the artificially created “heath village”. It was the following scenario “practiced”: After spying drones and scout car of the type “Fennec” had probed the situation, a settlement was “house by house free fighting” – “under the pounding volleys from the 20-millimeter board machine guns of the Marder, the intersecting machine-gun fire and flank protection by the Leopard 2 “.

Original Bundeswehr report:

Among the thumping volley from the 20-millimeter machine guns aboard the Marder, the crossing machine-gun fire and flank protection by the Leopard 2 tank, in Heath Village House is now fighting for free house.

According to the Bundeswehr pioneers laid there “blasting access” to individual buildings, while the Panzer Grenadiers “swift action against smaller groups of houses” vorführten and snipers to place “in search of dangerous point destinations” observed.With the “urban warfare” but it was not done according to the troupe, however, this was the only “requirement for the rapid continuation of the attack in the deep flank of the enlightened in depth enemy forces.”

The Bundeswehr is fully satisfied with the outcome of the maneuver according to their own reports. However, an important question was not addressed in the final reports: Since when and why the army rehearses use against popular uprisings and civil unrest? Has it ever to a mandate?

In the media was not reported on this questionable practice. That is also very surprising.

Full article (Google Translated): Germany’s Bundeswehr established drills against invasions and popular uprising (MMnews)

Original article (Auf Deutsch): Bundeswehr probt Einsatz gegen Volksaufstand (MMnews)

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