Russian Surface-to-Air Missiles Flow To Middle East

The Middle East is rich with all sorts of Russian-made anti-aircraft systems. Most of them were delivered to the Arab countries opposing Israel and, in the time of the Soviet Union, to other clients on a political pretext.

The flow of modern anti-aircraft systems to the area continues, although in lesser quantities. Russia is often viewed as a preferable supplier for that sort of weaponry due to the long story of success of its anti-aircraft systems. It has been estimated that anti-aircraft missiles made in the Soviet Union and now Russia have seen more launches than such weapons made in all other countries combined.

Although UAE and Jordan are among those nations that have historically bought the bulk of their military equipment in the West, these countries have procured certain air defense systems from Russia. In particular, the UAE was the launch customer for the Pantsyr SAM.

Speaking to AIN, a high-flying manager at the Rosoboronexport governmental arms vendor said that the Arab customers tend to buy the same systems the Russian defense ministry is acquiring.


Full article: Russian Surface-to-Air Missiles Flow To Middle East (Aviation International News)

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