Gulf states seek integrated air defence

DUBAI // Arabian Gulf states aim to integrate their air defence systems to meet threats from ballistic and cruise missiles.

“Advances in science and technology have made the world networked and connected,” said Maj Gen Staff Pilot Mohammed bin Sweidan Saeed Al Qamzi, commander of the Air Force and Air Defence.

“We need to be a single force to overcome our common threats and challenges. While the UAE faces no armed conflicts, civil wars or internal instability, we must remain vigilant to deter conflicts that are occurring regionally. We must maintain strong air defence forces to continue protecting our national and regional interests.”

He was addressing global air force chiefs before the Dubai Airshow, which begins on Sunday. The sixth Dubai International Air Chiefs Conference discussed challenges facing the defence industry and improving air power.

Maj Gen Al Qamzi said the Air Force and Air Defence was working on establishing a Gulf Training Centre of Excellence that would focus on the integration and interoperability of regional and coalition capabilities needed to maintain security and stability in the region.

“Today, we work towards transforming our forces to be able to apply a full array of capabilities across the entire spectrum of warfare from strategic to tactical,” he said.

“We are continuing to invest in technology and people to reach the level of connectivity, commonality and interoperability needed to be part of any coalition effort, and to develop … a deterrent force against any threat.”

“Just over a decade ago, air forces were able to rule the skies with impunity,” said Dr Theodore Karasik, the head of research and consultancy at the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis. “That environment is now changing because of technology.”


Full article: Gulf states seek integrated air defence (The National)

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