Russian bombers practiced bombing Sweden again

The following is a roughly into-English translated version of the original article (Swedish) via Google Translation:

For nearly two hours were attacking exercises against Sweden, Poland and the Baltic states of five Russian planes, including two bombers that were detected via radar as they flew out of the Gulf of Finland.

– I think the purpose was to practice the strategic bombers, to carry out various types of attacks, and it is not impossible that they also wanted to highlight the Russian presence in the southern Baltic, says Anders Persson, acting flight tactical commander in the Armed Forces to SVT .

The exercise system sent up two Swedish JAS aircraft to mark attendance. Throughout the exercise, the Swedish JAS-plan been on a couple of kilometers away.

Bomber aircraft were practicing outside the southern tip of Öland detected via radar on the morning of October 28. Anders Persson takes seriously the Russian aviation exercise.

– It is serious in the sense that we are now seeing an increased flight operations of Russian strategic bombers in the area. Of course we have to follow developments and see what they’re going and what they are doing, says Persson.

Armed Forces says to Expressen that the five planes, the model TU 22-m, was between five and seven minutes flying time from Swedish territory.

– We are seeing increased activity in the Baltic region for some time, although Russia has expanded its activities. When I met my Russian counterpart last summer, he described that they would carry out several exercises, she says.

Scialdemokraten Peter Hultqvist, Chairman of the Defence Committee, believes that the Russian exercise pattern should be taken more seriously.

– The Russians are building up their military capabilities and have become more aggressive and clearer in their exercises. This is something that Sweden has to relate to the future when we plan how our defense will look like, he says to SVT.

Full article (English translated): Russian bombers practiced bombing Sweden again (SvD Nyheter)

Full article (Original Swedish): Ryska bombflyg övade mot Sverige (SvD Nyheter)

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