Turkey seizes massive chemical haul at Syrian border

Reality is, is that the OPCW was either fooled themselves or they’re also in on it. The declaration is a sham and this is one such example serving as proof.

AFP – Turkish authorities have seized a large quantity of chemicals from a convoy trying to illegally enter the country from Syria, which “could be transformed into weapons”, the army said Sunday.

The convoy of three vehicles refused to stop as it attempted to illegally cross the border on Saturday near the southeastern town Turkish town of Reyhanli, the army said in a statement.

Para-military police were forced to shoot out the tyres of the vehicles to stop them, and three drivers jumped out and fled in the direction of Syria.

The haul of sulphur and another unidentified substance will be examined by a team of army specialists, the statement said.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) reported on Thursday that Syria’s entire declared stock of chemical weapons has been placed under seal.

This included 1,000 tonnes of chemical agents, which can be used to make weapons, and 290 tonnes of chemical weapons.

Full article: Turkey seizes massive chemical haul at Syrian border (France 24)

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