Iran’s parliament erupts in ‘Death to America’ chants

The Iranian parliament on Sunday rang out with chants of “Death to America” after the vice speaker delivered an impassioned speech defending the country’s continued use of the expression ahead of the 34th anniversary of the storming of the US Embassy in Tehran.

Vice Parliamentary Speaker Mohammad Hossein Aboutorabifard commended the November 4, 1979, attack on the US embassy as a symbol of “resistance of righteousness against falsehood,” Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported. At the conclusion of Aboutorabifard’s speech to the parliament, MPs joined in a collective chant of “Death to America.”

Not satisfied with one legislative chorus of “Death to America” chants, approximately 200 MPs — over two-thirds of the assembly – said they would voice their strong opposition to Washington by participating in a collective “Death to the US” shouting match on Monday, the anniversary of the storming of the US Embassy in Tehran.

The Iranian Defense Ministry also vowed that there would be massive rallies nationwide to mark the November 4 attack, emphasizing the Iranian people’s commitment to the motto “Death to America.”

“The Iranian nation will show on November 4 that it has never forgotten the ‘Death to the US’ slogan as the symbol of its resistance and uncompromising” nature, the Defense Ministry said in a statement quoted by the semi-official Fars news agency.

Full article: Iran’s parliament erupts in ‘Death to America’ chants (Times of Israel)

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