Op-Ed: Syria Has Non-nuke EMP Bombs

On 3 March 1917, German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmerman blurted out, “I cannot deny it.  It is true.” Zimmerman had just admitted that as a German gambit to keep America “busy,” Germany had secretly offered Mexico funding to attack America, and regain Texas and virtually America’s entire Southwest.

In no small part due to Zimmerman’s admission, America entered the war against Germany the next month, April 1917.

On 26 September 2013, Syrian president Bashar Assad said that Syria possesses “more advanced weaponry, which can serve as a deterrent, and blindside Israel within seconds.”  Loose lips sink ships.

Sometimes you need to spend billions to unearth supreme strategic military secrets.  Other times, self-intoxicated leaders like Zimmerman articulate a casus belli of Germany against America in World War I.

Today, Assad gives a game-changing military secret to Israel more valuable than rubies.  By letting slip that Syria could “blindside” Israel, Assad admitted Syria likely possesses non-nuclear, conventional Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons. The ramifications of a conventional EMP attack on Israel apply not only from Syria, but also, most critically, from any Palestinian Arab “demilitarized” state.

It is entirely feasible, if not highly probable, that Syria possesses such a conventional EMP weapon.  How Syria could deliver the weapon to Israel’s electronic soft-underbelly is another question.  But leaving the question of delivery aside for the moment, the real question is: how does this effect Israel’s strategic equation?

Apart from other aspects, the most worrisome effect would be if Israel attempted to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.  Such a sophisticated weapon in Syria is likely under the control of Iran’s al Quds forces in Syria.  And, it would likely be used as a second-strike against Israel if Israel attacked. A non-nuclear counter strike against Israel when Israel is in the midst of attacking Iran could bring Israel a grievous military catastrophe.

But the most dramatic threat posed by a non-nuclear conventional EMP bomb is not from Syria, it’s from the “demilitarized” Palestinian Arab State that Tzipi Livni is concocting for Israel’s future.  The reason being, with absolute Israeli military control of all goods coming into that area and absolute military control over the Samarian mountains facing Tel Aviv, it will be impossible to keep out the electronic parts necessary for the Palestinian Arabs to make such a conventional EMP bomb.

A Palestinian Arab state no longer threatens Israel with chemical Katyushas, it now threatens Israel with annihilation by EMP bombs.  Unless Israel short-circuits its suicidal “peace” process, a Palestinian CHAMP EMP bomb could instantly turn Israel’s electronic defense into a clump of burning wiring.

Full article: Op-Ed: Syria Has Non-nuke EMP Bombs (Arutz Sheva 7)

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