Turkey scrambled F-16s to stop Syrian air operations near border

ANKARA — Turkey has been preparing for an air war with Syria.

The Turkish military said four U.S.-origin F-16 multi-role fighters were sent to the Syrian border on Oct. 5.

The military said the F-16s were deployed to stop the approach of Syrian Air Force warplanes.

The statement reflected Turkish efforts to stop Syrian air combat operations. Officials said the Syrian Air Force was sending both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft over northern Syria near the Turkish border.

In the latest incident the Turkish military reported the approach of a Syrian Air Force Su-24 fighter-bomber near Kilis. The military said another Su-24 flew toward Turkey’s Hatay province.

In both cases, the Su-24s were driven off by the F-16s.

Full article: Turkey scrambled F-16s to stop Syrian air operations near border (World Tribune)

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