Report: Hezbollah capable of arming missiles with nuclear warheads

Khaled al-Daher of the Lebanese al-Mustaqbal party, which opposes Hezbollah who warned in the past that Assad is transferring chemical weapons to them, claimed that the bases were built under the supervision of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. According to him, Hezbollah can arm the missiles with nuclear warheads.

Al-Daher linked this information with recent statements made by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, who said that in the next conflict, Israel will face weapons that have not been used against it before.

The Lebanese MP also noted that the areas in which the bases are located are almost entirely inaccessible.

Over the weekend, diplomats and security sources in Lebanon told the London Times that Hezbollah has started to withdraw some of its forces from Syria. The sources claimed that some 10,000 Hezbollah fighters were stationed in Syria, and today only a few thousands remain there. Sources affiliated with Hezbollah told the paper that the forces are withdrawn due to tactical reasons and not political pressure from the Lebanese governments, which urges the Shiite organization to cease its fighting in Syria.

Full article: Report: Hezbollah capable of arming missiles with nuclear warheads (ynet news)

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