GEORGE SOROS: Europe’s Nightmare Is Getting Worse, And Only Germany Can Make It Stop

Billionaire financier and legendary speculator George Soros gave a speech today at the Global Economic Symposium in Kiel, Germany, titled “The Future of Europe.”

In the speech, Soros declared the euro crisis over:

The euro crisis is now over. This became official in the German elections where the rules governing the euro were not even discussed. Yet the system that emerged from the crisis is far from satisfactory. Mainstream economists would call it an inferior equilibrium; I call it a far-from equilibrium situation.

The euro crisis has already transformed the European Union into something radically different from what was originally intended. The EU was meant to be a voluntary association of sovereign and equal states that surrendered part of their sovereignty for the common good. It has turned into a relationship between creditors and debtors that is by its nature compulsory and unequal.

The Eurozone is now in a mild rebound led by Germany but the heavily indebted countries are lagging behind. The divergence is largely due to their higher debt burden and the higher cost of money. Since these are recurrent, the divergence is bound to get wider with the passage of time.

What needs to be done follows directly from this analysis of what has happened. Recognizing the mistakes and identifying the misconceptions that have created the current situation is the first step; correcting them is the second. Only Germany can initiate the process because, as the country with the highest credit standing, it is in the driver’s seat. If a debtor country tried to do it would merely aggravate its own position.

Full article: GEORGE SOROS: Europe’s Nightmare Is Getting Worse, And Only Germany Can Make It Stop (Business Insider)

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