REVEALED Brussels plan to control our Army – MEPs call for new EU military HQ

Although a bit dated, this one did fly under the radar when published, yet is still relevant as it illustrates the changing of the EU’s social-political, economic and military landscape. All signs say that the United States of Europe and its European Army is indeed coming, economic crisis be damned. The next major update looks to be in December during the EU summit.

Also, note who the EPP paper was launched by: Germany, the powerhouse of the EU. France who continues to tow the German line, and Poland, who’s previous PM has recently called for a unification of the two previous WWII enemies. Not so ironically, the EU concept along with its respective Euro, was a result of a German-led plan where it was designed to fail in order to get to the next step: a German dominated political union, or Fourth Reich.

MOVES were made in Brussels today to form an EU-controlled military powerbase that would act as a rival to Nato on strategic defence issues.

The European People’s Party said governments “have to start building stand-by forces under Union command”, a move branded as the latest drift to federalism by the UK Independence Party.

The proposal came in a new report from the EPP which wants Europe to redefine its security interests and to begin achieving these by actual operational deployments.

The MEPs tabled their proposal as a first shot in the run-up to a major EU summit in December when the question of military co-operation will be discussed by the leaders of national governments.

The EPP paper was launched by Michael Gahler of Germany, Arnaud Danjean of France and Poland’s Krzysztof Lisek – all members of the Brussels parliament’s security and defence sub-committee.

Its leaders believe that in the absence of full agreement at the December summit, EU should press on with a two-tier defence policy in which those countries in favour of integration could press ahead at a faster pace.

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