China Expands Space Warfare Capabilities

New weapons aimed at undermining US systems

New arenas of warfare are opening up. The U.S. military is already heavily reliant on satellites and communication systems, and countries like China are actively trying to undermine these systems.

“There’s not an operation conducted anywhere at any level that is not somehow dependent on space and cyberspace,” said General William L. Shelton, Commander of the Air Force Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, on Sept. 21, according to the Department of Defense.

Shelton said the United States is facing four key threats: jamming, lasers, attacks on ground sites, and nuclear detonations in space.

He said the dangers these technologies pose to the U.S. military need to be recognized, noting “We can’t continue, in my mind, to operate with this big-sky mentality.”

The four key threats he mentioned are also four key capabilities the Chinese regime is developing.

China’s development of weapons targeted at space and cyber are part of its anti-access strategy, which was outlined by Roger Cliff of the RAND Corporation, during a January 2011 testimony before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

Cliff said the strategy aims to disable a technologically superior military by striking the critical systems that enable the technology. He said, “This concept is based on the idea that, rather than attempting to destroy an adversary’s entire military force, the PLA should try to paralyze the adversary by attacking critical nodes in its system of systems.”

China classifies its space and cyber weapons under its shadowy “Assassin’s Mace” or “Trump Card” (Sha Shou Jian) weapons, according to a declassified but heavily redacted report, “China: Medical Research on Bio-Effects of Electromagnetic Pulse and High-Power Microwave Radiation.”

Despite China’s claims to a $93 billion military budget, the United States believes the true budget is as much as $183 billion, Burgess said.

Full article: China Expands Space Warfare Capabilities (The Epoch Times)

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