Report: Russian ship and Syrian senior officials flee

Syrian opposition sources say ship left Latakia port, families of top regime members escape to Lebanon. Syrian information minister: If attacked, we’ll defend ourselves

Syrian opposition elements claimed on Monday that a Russian navy ship, which has docked for a long time in the vicinity of the Latakia port, has left its harbor.

In addition, it was reported by opposition sources that thousands of family members of top official and figures in the Syria regime escaped to Lebanon and to Latakia. These reports were not confirmed by other sources.

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi told the Hezbollah ‘s al-Manar network that “Syria has been under pressure since 2003,” while the American invasion of Iraq was underway.

He added that the top officers from around the globe who met in Amman “are party to the aggression against Syira, through sanctions and allowing gunmen enter Syria, and on the question of armament.”

Full article: Report: Russian ship and Syrian senior officials flee (ynet news)

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