Israel, Greece, Cyprus Give EU Power

What was already predicted and mentioned is now gaining ground.

Further information on the Fourth Reich can be found here, while more on the EU Project, or the upcoming United States of Europe can be found here.

A new energy agreement reveals level of European influence.

In August, three of the world’s most vulnerable and most strategically located countries agreed to give their electricity to the European Union.

The Israeli minister for energy and water resources, the Cypriot minister of agriculture, natural resources and environment, and the Greek minister for the environment, energy and climate gathered in Nicosia and signed a joint memorandum of understanding.

The agreement claims to secure the respective countries’ energy needs for the foreseeable future. Its centerpiece appears to be the installation of a connecting electric cable between Israel, Cyprus and Crete, transmitting energy to European Union countries.

The agreement also affirmed Israeli, Cypriot and Greek security cooperation in protecting rich natural gas fields located in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Trumpet has pointed to maneuvers by Germany, Europe’s most dominant and prosperous country, to secure and control the Continent’s energy. This new agreement highlights just how enamored Israel is with Europe (Ezekiel 23:11-21), and the desperation of Cyprus and Greece, both of which have been redeemed from the euro currency abyss by German-engineered EU bailouts. Europe can now plan on receiving energy from its subjugated south and east (Daniel 8:9).

What appears to be an agreement promoting economic and geopolitical security is startlingly the reverse, according to Bible prophecy. Closer association by these Mediterranean countries with Europe yields further control to their fiscal master, a German-dominated EU (Revelation 17:12-13). To learn more about what the Bible says about this growing European power, and how it will leverage its influence to gain more and more control over the resources of other nations, read our article “The Battleground.”

Your Bible prophesies of EU-Catholic encroachment under the guise of peacekeeping amid radical Islamic aspirations over Jerusalem (Matthew 24:15-16).

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