Scottish independence: Scottish government officials meet with Nato

A meeting was held last month between Scottish government officials and Nato to discuss membership of the alliance in the event of independence.

The talks were held at Nato’s headquarters in Brussels.

Senior Scottish government officials met with Dirk Brengalmann, who was then Nato’s assistant secretary general for political affairs and security policy.

The meeting was held in early July and was facilitated by the UK’s delegation to Nato, which also attended.

A Nato official described the meeting as “informal and informational in nature”.

It is understood Scottish officials took the opportunity to argue that since Scotland was already within the alliance as part of the UK, it should not have to start from scratch in securing membership in the event of a Yes vote in next year’s referendum.

The SNP, which forms the Scottish government, is committed to Nato membership after independence but has pledged to make nuclear weapons illegal in an independent Scotland.

Full article: Scottish independence: Scottish government officials meet with Nato (BBC)

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