Ailing Saudi crown prince suddenly takes ‘special leave’

ABU DHABI — Saudi Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz has left the kingdom for what is said to be emergency medical treatment.

Salman, also defense minister, left Saudi Arabia on Aug. 10 for an unspecified destination. A statement by the royal court said Salman was on “special leave” and would conduct a private visit.

The sources said he has been suffering from declining health, including dementia, and was no longer making major decisions. Most Saudi leaders have been treated in the United States.

“This is probably a case in which Salman could be quietly and unofficially retired because he can’t really understand what is going on around him,” a diplomat said. “It is similar to what happened to previous Saudi leaders who suffered from dementia.”

Full article: Ailing Saudi crown prince suddenly takes ‘special leave’ (World Tribune)

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