‘Act of war’: U.S. general gives options for Syria military intervention

Should war break out against Syria, expect it to expand into a war with Iran, which means a regional middle eastern powder keg will explode involving nations such as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Lebanon. Retaliatory strikes by the regime would likely include, and not be limited to, domestic attacks on the US homeland. It’s well documented that Iran’s IRGC as well as handfulls of other known terrorist groups have thousands upon thousands of sleeper cells within America, all waiting for the green light. It will be far from pretty and America, to its own detriment, is not prepared.

Don’t forget about Russia and China weighing in, not necessarily militarily, but economically as well as a potential crippling cyber attack leaving the USA paralyzed and sent to the stone age. Should the Syrian regime use chemical weapons, it would likely be used against Israel — therefore, expect Damascus to be razed, thus fulfilling the Isaiah 17:1 prophecy.

The top U.S. general has set out five options for military intervention in Syria in a non-classified letter made public Monday.

Despite outlining the options, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey stressed that the decision of whether to go to war was one for civilian leaders.

The options range from nonlethal intelligence and weapons training to a boots-on-the-ground plan to “assault and secure” the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons.

Dempsey wrote that such a decision is “a political one that our nation entrusts to its civilian leaders.”

But his letter — which was — also detailed risks, such as the empowering of extremists and retaliatory strikes by the regime.

“Once we take action, we should be prepared for what comes next,” he wrote. “Deeper involvement is hard to avoid.”

Beyond training, Dempsey said the United States could conduct lethal stand-off strikes that would degrade the regime’s air defenses as well as ground, missile and naval forces. Such an option would require hundreds of aircraft and ships and, “depending on duration, the costs would be in the billions.”

Full article: ‘Act of war’: U.S. general gives options for Syria military intervention (Al Arabiya)

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