Russia to beef up strategic deterrence potential

Russia continues along the path of nuclear weapons buildup/modernization while simultaneously selling New Lies for Old to today’s gullible USA, which has suicidally developed the illusion that total disarmament is a demonstration of moral strength and that the Cold War is over because a wall fell in Berlin. The last nuclear missiles built in the United States were in the early 1990’s and are now falling victim to budget cuts, technical issues and loss of effectiveness due to technology gaps.

Russia will continue to increase its potential in air-space forces and other parts of its nuclear deterrence strategy, Chief of Staff said Tuesday.

“(Russia) will beef up its air-space defense capabilities through modernization of its informational and first-strike parts,” Valery Gerasimov told reporters.

He added that such modernization would guarantee early warning about launch of the strategic ballistic missiles and long-range cruise missiles.

According to the general, Russia is to modernize its strategic bombers and in 2014 start construction of a cutting-edge long-range aviation system.

Russia also keeps rearmament of the strategic missile troops with Yars and Bulava missiles.

On July 5, Russian Security Council discussed the defense measures until 2020.

Full article: Russia to beef up strategic deterrence potential (Defence Talk)

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